Happy Fall everyone! I am very happy because I love this season! I'm ready for a short trip and these are my favorites items! Only essentials on my wardrobe. Look every item below for more details.



1. FLORAL SCARF So cute! romantic and  versatile square scarf cut from pure silk.

2. SUNGLASES : A slim brow bar accentuates the suave retro style of full-coverage sunglasses fitted with glare-reducing polarized lenses.

3. TURTLENECK SWEATER:  This sweater are my favorites for fresh weather, perfect for Fall and winter.

4. SKINNY JEANS: A perfect basic, high waist with suave fabric. 

5. MULES: My favorites, I have those on pink color too, this Mules are absolutely comfy. 

6. FEDORA HAT: (similar) For my collection, a new hat! 

7. SATCHEL: This is all I need!, Love this little and glam handbag, it has a good price right now.

8. BOOTIES: Another basic that can't to be missed on my wardrobe.

9. DUSTER COAT: (similar) It's a basic garment all the time! I love it, is so versatile and easy to combine. 

10. PONCHO SWEATER: Another favorite, specially the stripes!

11. CAMEL BOOTIE:  Top top top, I love Steve Madden!

12. HANDBAG: This little bag is as perfect essential for petite like me! Lauren Conrad is a brand that I love, because it always offers romantic styles. 

13. RUCHED SLEEVE TURTLENECK: I like the ruched sleeve and the burgundy color! 


Enjoy new Season!


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